Can I fit my own Wood burning stove? 

This service is only available to clients within 15 miles of our postcode


Can I fit my own log burner? It's a question we get asked a lot and the answer is YES!

HOWEVER there are a lot of rules and regulations that must be adhered to!


Ok so we will always recommend you have a professional company fit your Stove and Flue system however we also know that not everyone can afford to and/or just want to do it themselves.

People are going to install Stoves themselves to save some money so we have decided that we are happy to help with these types of installations to help make sure that regulations and safety are being adhered to. I personally would rather you do it yourselves with our advice and assistance than do it and potentially put yours and your families lives at RISK

Corner Fireplace

Consultation/Home Survey

£59 = 1 hour

We are offering you our professional advice to help you make your stove dreams come true. 

Our consultation service is a home survey where we can discuss your options:

Stoves -

Hearths -

Chambers -

Flue lining / Flue Systems -

Fireplace Beams -

Carbon Monoxide - 

Building Materials -

Safety - 

From a standard chimney breast installation to a more complex freestanding appliance with a twin wall flue system, we are happy to help. 

There are two consultation options:

Option 1 = We will give you the advice of where to go for everything required for the best prices - giving you a full shopping list even down to the amount of sand and cement you may require.

Option 2 = We will analyse everything you need and come back to you with a price for everything as a job lot. All delivered to your door!

Corner Fireplace

An Example of cost for everything listed would be £1499



Fireplace Beam (non combustible)

Fireplace Chamber (fireproof board)

All building materials (lintel etc)

Flue Lining System Kit (wood burning only)

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Everything required for an install like the picture to the left.

Delivered to your door. 

*Please note that this stove and hearth are for illustration purposes only* 

They are available but would cost extra.

If you would like to discuss your options please give us a call. 

01159 207 284